Wickedly Wenchy

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wkilf replied to your photo:Moi :)
Wow! I must be in heaven, there’s a gorgeous angel before me. But wait… My pulse is pounding & things are a’ throbbing!

My goodness, how sweet is that :) I’m not quite and angel tho! 

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panties-n-cages asked: Seeing you in a thong has been the highlight of my week without a doubt. ;)

LOL……took me long enough didn’t it?? I was doing spring cleaning and when I pulled one of my dresser drawers out there it was behind the drawer! It must have came with an outfit I bought at one time or another, now  just don’t know where it is…..lol.  

It didn’t look TOO scary, so I will probably do more thong pix in the near future :)  Glad you liked them!!!

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sircor69 asked: I'd love getting lost in that delicious ass

Im sure someone would eventually send a search party out after you :)